Dear Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: Super Villain Rule #1: Don’t Give Your Plans Away

http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/7086/216896-15453-lex-luthor_super.jpgHow many times has “evil genius” Lex Luthor had Superman under his thumb – strapped to some kryptonite laden contraption – only to spill every last detail to the Man of Steel in a long soliloquy.  Of course, inevitably, Superman makes his escape and foils Luthor’s perfect plan.

The rebels were able to get their hands on the blueprints for the Death Star and it’s one vulnerable spot and we all know how that went.
Now, El Guapo is all for diabolical plots and schemes.  In fact he encourages them and has partaken in a few in his day.  But if there’s anything to be learned from fictional villains, it’s to refrain from giving away the blueprints to your wily schemes until they are behind you and you’re the undisputed victor, sitting on your throne and sipping champagne from a cup shaped from your enemy’s skull.

So it’s more than disappointing that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker committed this cardinal sin of villainy.  A Buffalo blogger from The Buffalo Beast managed to get a phone call through the Governor’s gatekeeper’s by posing as fellow scoundrel, billionaire Bill Koch.  During this call, Walker – speaking freely – went on to outline his plot to trick the 14 senators-in-hiding into coming back to Madison to talk.  Of course, Walker shared:

"If they're actually in session for that day, and they take a recess, the 19 Senate Republicans could then go into action and they'd have quorum...so we're double checking that. If you heard I was going to talk to them that's the only reason why. We'd only do it if they came back to the capital with all 14 of them."

Here we witness another super villain self-destruct before our eyes. 

Your handsome and humble servant,

El Guapo

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