TOP 10 Valentines Games For People With Herpes

Some estimates have one in four US adults infected with herpes. Make your Valentine’s Day flare up a source of fun and merriment, not shame. All it takes is a little imagination and an STD – which you probably already have or can contract easily enough. Stay sexy, America.

10. Xs and Os – For sports fans – Pick your favorite sport and use the little lesion to set up winning plays.

9. Presidential Cold Sores – label each sore according to what US president it most closely resembles.

8. The Sweet Sound Of Herpes – turn each sore into a musical note, then see what romantic diddy results.

7. Cankership – It’s exactly like Battleship – except with canker sores. Can you sink your partner’s cankership?

6. Twisted Twister – Color each sore, then spin away. Watch the fun ensue.

5. Travel Agent – Can’t decide on an island getaway destination? Let your fingers do the walking. Label each sore a potential destination and then…eeny, meeny, miny, moe… done.

4. Oregon Trail – Using sticky-notes and a little imagination you can revive the pioneer classic. Simply set up a canker trail and have a survival scenario ready at each stop on a small post-it note. You can select the game’s ultimate objective, if you know what I mean, cochino.

3. Monopoly – Great for a particularly harsh flare up. Set up the board, label each canker sore. And round and round you go. Don’t forget to collect your $200 when you pass go.

2. Clue – The first person to trace back the origin of the herpes virus wins. Was it with Lester the Janitor – in the office – after hours?

1. Connect the Canker Sores – what zany design might you come up with next? Unicorn? Tulip? Rainbow? Fate will decide. Well, fate and how well you follow the directions on your medication.

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