Sinverguenza of the week: pets with clothes

Stock up on bottled water and prepare for the end...The apocalypse is here. Officially.

The final sign of the apocalypse.

The Mayan's predicted that when pets wore sweatshirts it would mark the beginning of the end.  Here it is.


Arizona SB1070 Hits a Speed Bump. El Guapo Ponders.

SB1070 hits a major legal bump, but...

Let me work this out... The majority of Americans support policies like SB1070 (approx. 55%).  Ok. Got it.  However, a large majority of Americans ALSO believe such bills will increase discrimination against Latinos. (Scratching temple pensively).

Can I conclude that a whole bunch-o-Americans just don't give a shit? And rather than pursue a just solution, a blatantly racist one will do? (Checks calendar... Yep. 2010. Just making sure.)

...Well, I've been asking for a comeback in overt racism over the sanitized stuff, and perhaps here it is...


Your handsome and humble servant-

El Guapo

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