Sinverguenza of the Week: The Vatican et. al. (These Guys Are Frocked)

Chivalry is dead.  Chivalry, as in the code to which the medieval knightly class swore to adhere - which included behaving in a courageous, loyal, and morally righteous manner at all times, even when it was hot as hell and the chaffing from that unforgiving suit of armor was unbearable.

How did chivalry finally die, you ask?  Well, truth be told, it had already been in its death throes for some time, twitching there and whatnot, waiting for someone to finally land the finishing blow and twist the sword once and for all.

Thankfully, it was the Vatican's consecrated boot that, this week, finally did chivalry in and earned The Vatican the title of Sinverguenza of the Week.  Thursday the Vatican came out and issued new sex-abuse norms apparently as a response to the endless avalanche of reports of priestly pedophilia and other abuses that routinely have and continue to go ignored, or have been intentionally concealed.

The Vatican, however, courageously took a stand and let the world know that it, in fact, openly hates women and children, and chivalry (along with women, children) can go consecrate itself for all it cares.  It will not fold to the pressures of morality and general human decency no matter the public outcry.

This week's announcement made no mention of any mandate requiring that bishops report abuse to authorities.  The "crack down" also went out on a limb and outlined molestation, possessing and/or distributing child pornography, as grave canonical crimes.  What else is a "grave canonical crime"?  The attempted ordination of women, that's what.  How are "grave canonical crimes" dealt with?  Behind closed doors - near the frankincense and myrrh - of course and far from the reach of watchful outsiders' eyes.

W.W.J.D?  Well, according to the Vatican, apparently not much to help abused and exploited children.

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