Sinverguenza of the Week: Jan Brewer

There were many contenders this past week, but Jan Brewer again further immortalized her place on the Sinverguenza Walk of Shame.

The Arizona Governor has taken some heat after she claimed recently "that the majority of the people that are coming to Arizona and trespassing are now becoming drug mules." So, in an effort to assuage critics and set the record straight, she has amended her hyperbolic statement to more clearly reflect the facts as she knows them.

At a recent news conference, the controversial figure at the center of the immigration debate clarified: "Perhaps, I was too quick and did not measure the weight of my words. Perhaps I spoke before I had all the facts. The truth is that we have it on good authority that not only are most illegals drug mules, but that the "children" that some illegals bring with them are, in fact, not children at all. With the technology available to drug cartels, they have fabricated children made entirely of illegal drugs. These look and act like average innocent children, but we should not be fooled. They smile, play, and cry, but they are also potent and addictive when broken down into their chemical components. We have FBI footage [below] illuminating just how sophisticated the cartels and their minions have gotten."

Here Ms. Brewer played the clip for reporters to demonstrate just what sinister technology Arizona is up against. "If we in any way care for, educate, or love these children, we will be loving lawlessness and encouraging the further deterioration of our society. These drug-children-humanoids have had a free ride long enough."

Once again, Ms. Brewer, thanks for showing us the way.

Pay particular attention to 1:20 - 1:55.

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