Sinverguenza 2010: One Shameless Year

It’s getting hard.

Not like that, cochino.

It’s just that it’s getting difficult to narrow a satisfactory list of things that merit the sinverguenza label. The bar of shame has been set pretty low and yet there’s plenty of stuff that manages to ooze under it. It’s not necessarily that the world is becoming more shameless (although this is debatable) – it’s just that the shameless have maximized the available means by which to reveal and showcase their lack of dignity, decency, and decorum.

*One thing that should be on the list but has been left out for obvious reasons are end-of-the-year lists – of which there are plenty. Being that this is the case, El Guapo figured he’d throw his hat into the ring and then dance around it as you might expect. Here goes.

Some Notable Shamelessness That May Or May Not Be Signs of the Approaching Apocalypse

Facebook : Zuckerberg earns the title “Person of the Year” from Time for encouraging everyone and his/her third cousin to share every inane thought that crosses his/her mind. This is compromised of those thoughts previously kept locked in the common sense prison of the brain for most people. Well, the inmates are out. Now your shameless friends will text you a photo and a detailed description of their bowel movements and “…a bit runnier than I expected, but with a subtle fruity bouquet…”

Holy Moly: The world was glued to the story of the trapped Chilean miners, and if it’s smart, the world has learned that Mother Earth is evil and should be left alone because she’s a conniving gal who won’t just pony up the goods without pulling this kind of jerk move. Of course, the world also watched the following clip 26 million times, so I’m guessing there wasn’t too much learned on any front this year.

Cabbage: Really there’s no real reason it makes the list this year. El Guapo just doesn’t like the stuff. Cooked, it stinks up homes to high heaven and then sits their stubbornly and claims the place like a poltergeist. I suspect it makes next year’s list. Up yours, cabbage.

BP Oil Spill: Mother Earth strikes yet again. The year’s top search shows that we were pretty upset by the ecological disaster and were perhaps trying to stay updated on the tragedy and the ensuing bumbling attempts at plugging the mess. However, The A-Team, the newest Eclipse film, and the Angelina Jolie vehicle Salt were three of the top ten grossing films of 2010, so we were apparently willing to watch just about anything.

The World Cup: After a four-year stretch of watching far more interesting sports where athletes are logically allowed to use their hands ― as is their evolutionary right and duty ― the World Cup again arrived to frustrate and confuse many while inexplicably tickling a slew of others to the point of losing total control of their bodily fluids. With offensive explosions ending in 0-0 ties or 1-0 blowouts, The World Cup satisfied a toddler’s insatiable desire to count without needing both hands.

Your handsome and humble servant-

El Guapo

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