A Gift For Your Local Sinverguenza

Yes, to top it all off, El Guapo is also an immensely talented artist.... I know it's unfair that one man be this blessed.
Send the following to anyone who you feel deserves it.
Considering that the weekend is here, El Guapo suspects you'll find ample opportunity to find someone who qualifies.

Your humble and handsome servant,
El Guapo


  1. I totally stumbled across your blog and am in LOVE with it!! You're hilarious, and yes, an immensely talented artist as well :3

    I would kill to give this to my landlord if I weren't 99.9% sure he'd kick me out haha but I'm going to print one out and have it ready for the day I find a better place. Ah yes, El Pendejo Mejor has it coming. Watch out!

  2. Marielli-

    Clearly your taste is unquestionable. El Guapo thanks you. Spread the word.


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