Call Out a Sinverguenza, Get a FREE T-Shirt ... Win, Win

Honoring pendejos, sinverguenzas, and/or other such ne'er-do-wells might sound illogical at first.  Your initial reaction is probably to pull back your hand and prepare to unleash all that is unholy across the face of the unsuspecting moron.  However, with the right distance and some perspective you'll quickly see how much you owe to your local cadre of sinverguenzas and their seemingly endless supply of chancla-worthy pendejadas. 

Think about it.  Your average day would in most respects be dull beyond belief without pendejos spicing it up in ways only they can.  What would you do during your morning commute without the driver who is texting while weaving in and out of traffic?   How uninteresting (and quiet) would your workday be without your co-worker who is on the phone incessantly arguing with her boyfriend while in the cubicle next to yours?  What about the significant other who gave you gonorrhea, or that friend who faked being a Salvation Army bell-ringer in order to pay for his new flat screen TV?   

Bottom line:  Call out sinverguenzas and utter pendejadas in the comment section below, explain their shamelessness, and, if your comment is selected, you win a kick ass shirt from the good people at Tchirts.com.  Make sure to leave your email address behind.

DEADLINE: Monday, August 16th.

1 comment:

  1. deadline-schmedline -- i want a free t-chirt. give me one now. Doggammit. I deserve it. I want one. I'm here ain't i? What more do you want?



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