Resistance is Futile

El Guapo finds Mother Nature to generally be a hissing nag..."Oh, my beaches", "My ice caps are melting", "Stop driving your enormous SUV through my forests and running over raccoons", "Stop feeding the birds at the park bread packed with tiny shards of glass", etc., etc. And while the old lady might be a buzz kill, we can oft times learn a lesson or two if we tune out her bitching and just observe nature at work. For instance, everywhere you look things happen without effort as though part of some larger divine plan. The clip below is a clear example of what happens when a stupid animal goes against the current, in this case literally.

Of course, we must consider that the salmon fights its way upstream to spawn. Perhaps we can cut it some slack. It's trying to spawn after all. What would you do? I suspect you'd be in the same illogical spawning-induced frenzy.

But in recent years immigrant rights groups have organized exhausting marches and massive national gatherings. Opponents and proponents for gay rights and marriage have done the same, arguably with a better sense of style. In local communities walks are organized to "take back the streets" and to bring attention to domestic violence. Deodorantless frisbee lovers with long scraggly ZZ top beards protest wars and Wal-Mart. Participants wear matching shirts, perhaps shake a nice sign. Bob Barker still holds a lonely one man march to bring attention to the need for all to spay and neuter their pets. It seems that we have a fetish for walking. Loyal frijoleros (readers of eljumpingbean), everything cannot be solved with a nice stroll.

And you might say, "But, Guapo, the sort of collective resistance you mention is of critical importance. Are you actually trying to say that injustices should be uncontested? What about the progress resulting from such defiance throughout human history? Where would we be without it?"

To you I say, "Pendejo, watch the clips and see for yourself. It is simple. If you resist, the metaphorical bear will rip you to shreds after all of your exhaustion (above clip). If you go with the flow and let things go where they are destined to go, you will float on like the carefree fish in the clip below."

Your handsome and humble servant,
El Guapo


  1. I better not lose my message this time.
    I have the flu and I am dying. when dead please cremate me.

    You are a master! there is nothing left to say. How long did it take you to find those videos? Amaziness! Do you do a search? how? tell us so we can learn at your feet. Were I will decide to stay for a few more days as this flu kills me.
    Jo Ann Hernandez
    Starting the possibly FIRST ever Latino Virtual Book Tour. Join us.

  2. So Mother Nature is really a dominatrix with whips. All the nagging is done by humans who want to be her bitches. But she doesn't like kiss-asses and will treat them just as mean.


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