Latinos, Support Your Talented, Talentless and Even Stupid

Latinos, Support Your Talented, Talentless and Even Stupid
Support your Latino talented and, begrudgingly, your talentless.

From The Guapo Cave

A local man confronted El Guapo this week. And, yes, El Guapo is used to being confronted for a myriad of reasons: crazy fans wanting to touch him or rip a piece of clothing or have him kiss their babies, women driven wild by his guaponess, magazines trying to get him to agree to be on their covers, perfume companies trying to study and bottle his pheromones, sad men trying to be schooled in the ways of El Guapo (scoff...as if El Guapo were a university) etc. etc.

However, this particular case was something altogether different. The local man in question wanted to discuss the state of Latino culture's representation in the media and in U.S. culture at large. Oh, that's right, being this handsome and modest people tend to forget that, yes, El Guapo is also a scholar and a mind to be reckoned with. He is as sharp as a surgeon's scalpel and as blunt and powerful with his words as a sledge hammer on your unsuspecting forehead.

The Latino man began by railing against any and every Latino/a who has garnered any mainstream attention in the past decade, any film or song that's been made, and all Latino authors and artists who've been in the spotlight - even momentarily. While many of his criticisms were legitimate observations - stereotypical projections, exploitive and insipid depictions, the claim that many were talentless, etc. etc. El Guapo allowed this man to run out of steam, because stopping a Latino (or anyone for that matter) mid-rant is worse than waking up a sleepwalker.

El Guapo calmly explained that there are countless stupid and talentless people of all races, colors, and creeds, and that many do achieve what could be argued is undeserved notoriety. But since Latinos are relatively non-existent in mainstream culture despite having some serious consumer spending clout and sheer numbers, it is important that we support our morons, our hacks, and our pendejos who inexplicably crack through (along with the talented). But why, El Guapo, why must I support people and work that is inferior, even insulting? At this point, it's all we got. Perhaps, if there was evidence of overwhelming solidarity we might see more Latino non-crap reaching larger audiences. Dare to dream. Dare to dream.

Begin the movement by supporting El Guapo and the talent at eljumpingbean.

...Oh, wait, let me clarify...I mean...support your gifted, divine talent like El Guapo FIRST and ALONG WITH the rest.

For a free "I Support My Latino Stupids" T-shirt, take one of your old T-shirts and write "I Support My Latino Stupids" on the front and draw an unflattering picture of your favorite Latino hack on the back.


  1. aw man I had a delightful and insight brillant message here and it got lost.

  2. I am confused which is not hard to do. Does this mean that if I ask others to support my book does that mean I am asking them to support me because I am a Latina Sutpid?

  3. Not at all. As a matter of fact, would you like to plug it right here and now.

    Asking for support is not the sole realm of the talentless.

    Although, the Latino/a stupid is the last to know in most cases. I advocate supporting all...including those who lack any redeemable talent.

  4. Que relajo...I love it...I know a few people that need your support...

    Great blog!

    As I am,
    The Urban Jibaro

  5. I protest that I am not stupid as I misspell Sutpid!!! Duh!!!!


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