Cultural Impasse

Cultural Impasse --

We don't understand white folks' fascination with frisbees and The Dave Matthews Band, and we don't think Caddy Shack is the greatest movie ever. Also, we don't get the matching family sweater on the Christmas card. Where do we go from here?

How can we come together unless we understand our differences. Here at eljumpingbean, as a way to bridge the gap, we want to hear the things that leave you scratching your head about another race. Let's try to get to know and understand each other.

I will begin...
what's the appeal of Dane Cook?...explain yourselves white people.

- El Guapo


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  2. I wish I knew...but what do you make of this Dane Cook mystery? I'm hoping someone of the Caucasian persuasion will clear all this up. Ooh, ooh, and are they the ones who like candy corn?

  3. Ouch, this hurt. Why are you singling me out?


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